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Terms and conditions

Because of the crazy costs of shipment and relatively low-profit margins, I am generally not able to offer any refunds and/or returns. Check the sizing charts and colours before buying.

Will do my best to sort out any problems if they occur, and am willing to reasonably negotiate compensation in case of any problems – but can’t promise anything in advance. In case of any problems, please contact me at the following email address:

my name (relja) @ this domain (

So far there have been no complaints, but in case this changes drastically and I’m unable to compensate people in a manner that is satisfactory, I’ll either stop selling or significantly raise prices – but as long as this works, I’ll leave it as it is. That is, the way it is now, you are practically buying at your own risk, and all I have to lose is my reputation.

For more details, see BikeGremlin Refund and Returns Policy.

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