This is the web-shop of the cycling website Bike Gremlin.

My name is Relja Novović. As an avid cyclist and bicycle mechanic, in 2015 I started putting all of my “notes” on line – thus creating BikeGremlin.com website. I also run a small bicycle repair shop. Though my other passion and “day time job” is with computers – systems administrator.

Wrote about myself in more detail on the cycling website – nothing much to add.

The idea behind this web-shop is to offer some cool stuff (at least what I figure to be cool). Long term plan being to sell tool and bicycle/bike-accessory models I’ve personally tried and been happy with.

In spite of the advice I’ve been given, I’ll try to make this shop my way. Most shops are based on good marketing, up-selling (trying to get you to buy stuff you don’t really need, just to make more profit). I don’t really like that. Not comfortable with it.

It's all downhill from here :)
It’s all downhill from here 🙂

So the idea behind this shop is to offer products with my review and opinion of the product (for what that’s worth, based on my knowledge and experience) – and if it’s something you like/need, good. If not – also good.

Likewise, I won’t be trying to compete with any prices. If you find anything cheaper at other sources – go for it, by all means. I do try to make prices as low as possible, but large shops have more capital to invest in larger stock, distribution chains etc. so often end up cheaper for the customer. My math is simple: wholesale purchase price + shipping + taxes + about 5% profit for me. If it ends up not covering the other expenses (hosting, potential refunds and other business costs), I’ll simply close the shop and call it a good learning experience. 🙂

Final goal, if that turns out to be possible, is to offer no-nonsense bicycles and tools. Where needless extras are not included (so not charged for). Along with “high-end” stuff for the people who want all the bells and whistles (nothing wrong with that). It’s getting harder and harder to find a good, sturdy, city bike for grocery shopping, to use that example – built with durable, but not very expensive components. Nowadays it’s mostly about suspension, disc brakes, 1000 speeds etc. If you want something “simpler”, you’re usually left to look at the second hand market (which takes a lot of time and some experience).

Relja Novović

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